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    MJ here.

    I have 3 characters that have 168+ armor available:

    1. Kà’el is my main, Melee dps (watchman tree) Primary toon I’ll play on.
    2. Aardra, scoundrel, heals
    3. Yunix, Commando, dps, off heal

    and I am available on both days.

    I also have 4 other toons, 55′s, that are barely in Oricon gear:
    1. Sàtai, Sage, dps
    2. O’Kona, Gunslinger, dps
    3.…[Read more]

  • Just discovered this thread… I am going to be playing this game… a lot… I vote an Organization be created with our original name “Defenders Program” and list our objectives as those that Defend all against the onslaught of piracy. Our Manifesto could in cloud Exploration, Trade, Commerce, and Protective Escort Services, Bounty Hunting and…[Read more]

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