• @darka or @admin – 404’s after logging in.

    • Don’t know what happened. I’ve got two logins (one for Admin and one for Que). Does is do it often?

    • Hmm I got in fine too, will try again later
      Anyways How are you Prim?

      • I am good..sry to hear about Grax I hadn’t logged in awhile. How about you still working hard?

        The problem is not that I can login, but when I do login and try to goto forums I get 404 error, but if I am not logged in I can see them fine.

        • It came as a shock to everyone here thats for sure, and why we have been keeping people updated on our FB
          Working on things, been caught up in real life recently that I havent even had the time to do much gaming!
          Played a bit of Stella Bellum SWG EMU for a bit and keen to get back to it when I can

          Been playing anything?

          Hmmm thats odd, maybe @a…[Read more]

          • Oh just some good old stuff with Mods.. Still login to some friends I met in SWGemu, they updated pub8 and working on pub9 and jedi.

            GAMES: TestDriveUnlimited2, Dark Souls III (havn’t played), Fallout 4, MadMax (fun), NoMan’sSky (boring), Stellaris (unsure),
            The Witcher 3 (best game on 3rd playthrough uncapped lvl 100+), Wasteland2,…[Read more]

    • Still trying to figure this out. Now. If I login with Admin I can get the forums. With Que I get 404 sometimes. I remember when the site went down I was updating the BBPress (forums) plugin. I think that’s where the problem is. I may have to delete the plugin and install it again.