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    Hi Defenders,

    We are please to announce the launch of The Uncivillised, a group set up for the up coming Red Dead Redemption 2 through Rockstar Games social Club,
    The idea has been in discussion on and off for a few years, we have wanted to do something with GTA Online, and with the announcement of RDR2 a few years ago, we thought it would be a great idea to set something up.
    We wanted a name that we felt would fit in both open world games that was a little different to what we have used, we are still The Defender Program, but its not the type of name that we felt suited a Motor Cycle Club, our Outlaw Posse.
    The Uncivillised, ( yes spelt that way specifically so its a little different) is a nod to our past. Obi-Wan described lightsabers as an elegant weapon for a more civilised time, and over our 12 years we have had plenty of practice with our sabers, and since light sabers do not feature in either GTA or RDR, we felt a bit more Uncivillised approach would be likely, so the name kinda stuck. Its something we could use patched on leather jackets in GTAOnline, and good name for a group of wild west outlaws looking to to escape the on coming world of modern turn of the century civilisation,

    So stay tuned for more updates or keep an eye on our facebook!


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