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    There has been an Awakening, Have you felt it?
    Greetings Defenders, we are back in Star Wars Galaxies on the SWG Legends Staff Server!
    We have dusted off the old Force Academy label and set up a guild there!
    Our Legends group is taking a casual approach, playing for a bit of fun and nostalgia, anyone is welcome to come join us, even if its just to run around for old times sake when you have a couple of spare hours and want to revisit your favorite spots.

    The Force Academy Awakens,
    After the Empire destroyed the last remains of the original Academy, forcing the members to scatter and flee across the galaxy, they have re-emerged from hiding after what has felt like years to once again defend the peace,
    and are on the look out for those who once stood along side them and they have started seeking them out

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