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    I know it is hard to believe, but it is true.
    SWTOR hits the 5 year mark today!

    I remember the launch well, many of us got in on Early Access a few days before.
    We sat around the Tython Temple and waited to catch the rest of the people who were coming in, thankfully the guild pre launch system helped get us all together on the same server.
    I remember questing on Tython with Ryan/Lioko ( ill need to dig out the pics) and not really knowing what i was doing, while trying to understand the game and work things out.
    I remember getting annoyed at the mail system after clicking on the icon, hundreds of times and it not loading, only to be told i needed a mail box.

    I remember level 25 was speeder access, so I had to wait until Taris to get my speeder, so there was a lot of running around the Rakghoul infested shit hole, and I still ahte that planet to this day because of that!

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