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    Another 5 year topic!

    5 Years ago today, SWG closed its live servers!
    It feels much longer than that but its still crazy! especially for something that was a big part of my life
    So much time invested, money too, but all worth it in the end.
    So many great times were had with so many great people that it is hard to believe when it ended.
    One of my regrets is not keeping in touch better with some of the people i met along the way, websites came and went and never thought too much about it.
    But I still have the great memories to last forever,

    SWG was my first MMO so anyone who has played a MMO will know the power and sense of wonder that their first MMO brings, and given that i was a huge star wars fan that was another hook for me

    To all who were apart of our adventures then, thank you.
    Even to those we lost along the way, be it becoming one with the force. Or simply a member who made a difference but moved on, thanks for the great tims, and thank you great people.

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