• Baron DeBelleme
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    Hail to everyone,

    I have been posting alot of Swg screenies in the Swg gallery and a few to the ToR gallery. After speaking with admin through email, it would seem the pictures use up enough server resources to cause slowdown. I have not previous bumped to this issue in other forums but then again I have no understanding of that field of expertize. We have to make do with what we have and adapt, if it helps the Defender site function more fluidly.

    One suggestion by admin was to move the gallery section to a Defender Dropbox. We could use that to share our screenies from even more games each of us have played, and want to share the experince through pictures.

    How about it fellows, does this sound acceptable? Let the guildies know about this suggestion so they can give input and other suggestions.

  • Darka
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    A drop box? Not a bad Idea, however I would be unsure of how it worked or to access it

  • admin
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    Drop Box is a free cloud storage (you already knew that).
    With your password you can access any file on it from any computer.
    Cool thing:
    If you want others to access individual files or folders, you tag them as limited public.
    I don’t know the actual term. My computer crashed recently and I had to reinstall everything. I haven’t reinstalled dropbox yet.
    Only people you give a link to the files can access them and those files only. Not any other.
    You can e-mail the links. Or I could set up a forum thread only logged in members can access.
    Where anyone with dropbox could post files.
    We could also set up a guild dropbox. But would need to decide on who has access.
    The other thing is the free version has a limited amount of storage. I think about 4 gig.

  • admin
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    In the meantime, I’m looking into other ways the guild can share resources.
    The problem is the more we put on the website the slower it will become.
    Baron DeBelleme posted some 300 screen shots recently. They were great shots but unfortunately slowed the site to a crawl.
    When I get a chance I’ll speak with our server rep and see what they recommend.

  • Darka
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    Sounds good, Yeah the site has been very slowwwwwwww…..

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