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    Here are some new shortcodes you can add.
    Bold: [b]bold[/b]
    Italics: [i]italics[/i]
    Underline: [u]underline[/u]
    URL: [url]http://wordpress.org/[/url] [url url=http://wordpress.org/]WordPress[/url]
    Image: [img]http://s.wordpress.org/style/images/codeispoetry.png[/img] [img img=Code is Poetry]http://s.wordpress.org/style/images/codeispoetry.png[/img]
    Color: [color color=”red”]named red[/color] [color color=”ff0000″]hex red[/color] [color color=#ff0000]hex red again[/color]
    Strikeout:[s]striked this out[/s]
    Center Text:[center]center me[/center]
    Computer code:[code]function HelloWorld($greet = ‘World’) { return ‘Hello ‘.$greet } [/code]
    Font size: [size size=10]10px font size[/size]
    Ordered lists: [ol][li][/li][/ol]
    Unordered lists: [ul][li][/li][/ul]
    List Item: [li]item[/li]
    Named Spoiler: [spoiler=two plus two]four[/spoiler]
    Unnamed Spoiler: [spoiler]Boo![/spoiler]
    Contents appear to logged in users only: [user]This is a secret message[/user]

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    Much appreciated
    I would ask people posting spoilers to use the spoiler tag

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