• Red
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    Hey Folks Red here, I’m not an original member of the Defenders but I was in before the new batch that got recruited recently in SWtOR. I’m Married to Hash, and she is the one who got me into the Defenders. The Games I play as a defender are Wildstar, SWtOR(on hiatus), ESO(no longer) and Warthunder (though there are only two of us there as far as I know… lol…)

    I also play plenty of other games as well, and on plenty of other platforms. I am a social gamer to the core. I play board games, card games and P&P RPG’s. You name the game and I will try it.

    when it comes to game style I like PvE the most, though I do enjoy arena, or battleground style PvP…

    Well that’s me here, any questions just ask…

  • Baron DeBelleme
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    Ever tried The Space Engineers? Available from Steam. Bought it a few days ago and I started wondering what kinda stuff it would be possible to do as a guild. And how quickly we would run out of ‘roids to mine heh…

    Tikru is not a Defender, he’s a real life friend of mine. We have played it a few days now. Seems to have alot of potential, even more so when the survivor aspect is brought to even more important role, someday.

    If anyone ever wants to have a go there, make a post in the forum here somewhere and we can start our own map.

  • Ev
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    Oh, yeah, that game looked interesting! I think it would be worth picking up soon, but who knows, I have so little time now.

    And you’re not the only one red, Irish plays War Thunder as well, though that’s all as far as I know.

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