• Primordius
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    Greetingsss… I would like to firstly say hello to all past and present members of our community!

    Some may remember me from back early in the Defenders of the Peace days up to the present time since Star Wars the Old Republic and now The Elder Scrolls Online. I have not had as much contributing time as others lately but as is life and we all can relate to that. However I am a very longtime member and have always remained loyal, trustworthy, and helpful. So let’s all have beer (or pick your poison) together to the old times and new, plus a extra shout-out for all those who I have been able to have fun with all these years.

  • Darka
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    Good to see you back again Prim!

  • Baron DeBelleme
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    Hello there Primordius. Been a while since the last time eh? πŸ™‚

    Well we did already meet in ESO, just wanted to say hi here as well. Looking forward to fighting by your side in ESO πŸ™‚

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