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    First off I want to say welcome to all the new members and welcome back to all those who have returned! We have been steadily growing over the last few months and many questions have been asked like, “How do I obtain rank?”, “Who can move the ship?” and many more.

    The first step in this process is to form a rank structure and put in place a process to move up the ladder. The following in the Rank structure from lowest to highest, a brief description and how to obtain the next level.

    “Specialists” – New Guild Members, when invite you will be set as <Name> <Date Joined> (ex. Roboto 3/11/10). Members will be at this rank for the first 3 months of joining the guild. This is for us to get to know you as well as for you to get to know us. This is also for the protection of the guild. We have a very good reputation on the Server, we help many guilds and are highly spoken of. Our Namesake is important to us, it should now be important to you! You will have minimal permissions at this point however The Defender Program is a social guild and will assist whenever possible.

    “Defender” – First promotion, as well as our guilds namesake. After the first 3 months you will be promoted, your member note will read <Name> <Promotion Date> (ex. Roboto 6/11/10). You will now be given some access to the guild bank however should you need more from the guild bank you can always ask a Commander (Battle or Fleet). After serving as a Defender for 6 months Commanders (Battle and Fleet) will vote for your promotion to either Task or Fleet Forces (these ranks will explained later). It is up to you to request promotion past this point. We have many guild members and the majority of us are on to have fun and do not check the ranks daily. To submit a request for promotion send an in-game email to Darka or me (Tala’Drim). We will meet with the Commanders and announce your request for promotion. Commanders will have a 5 day turn around for either a Yay or Nay vote, once they have told Darka or myself of the outcome we will let you know.

    “Task Forces” – You can think of this rank as our ready reserves. You will expected to uphold our reputation as well as being ready assist whomever in the guild needs it. You will be given more access to the Guild Bank as well as greater guild funds. The funds allotted can be used to teleport your groups via the guild ship to where ever you need to go. If at anytime any member from this rank forms a OPS Team or a PvP run and is looking for extra bodies you should request from the guild first.

    “Fleet Forces” – This is our rank for Progression and PvP Teams. This rank shares the same permissions as “Task Forces”. If at any time a Progression or PvP team needs a replacement you should pull from the guild first, if no one is interested or is interested however cannot meet the reasonable expectations to assist you in you progression then pulling from outside the guild is welcomed.

    “Fleet Commanders” – Progression, PvP, Conquest, Guild OPS Team Leaders. As of right now Zanuro, Chucky-Chunk are our only 2 Fleet Commanders. To obtain this rank you must at least have served 9 months in the guild. Then if you wish to form a team or even just want to lead a weekly guild OPS let either Darka or Tala’drim know via in-game message. In the message let us know what you and your team will be doing, ie OPS/PvP/Conquest or you simply wish to form a weekly OPS run and lead it. Provide as much information as you can. If it is a progression team let us know who the members are, they need to at least be Defender rank prior to promotion to Fleet Forces. **Can Invade Planets**

    “Battle Commanders (CDRs)” – Officers. They handle all disputes, maintain good order and are the eyes and ears of the guild. Any issue that arises in the guild they will handle to bring to the attention of the Admirals or CDO. You are expected to ensure our Guild Members and YOU are maintaining a higher standard then others players in the game. Ensure our members are not sullying our reputation and if they are take them to the gallows (actually use your better judgement and deliver a fair punishment). If you believe it is an offense great enough that the member needs to be removed from the guild than do so. The Admirals and I stand behind you! If at any time you feel a guild member is to be recognized for promotion it will be on you to bring it to Darka or Tala’drim attention. Let us know why you believe the guild member deserves the promotion. **Can invade Planets**

    “Admiral” – Think of this rank as the Joint Chiefs of Staff. These members have been with the guild since Noah made his maiden voyage on the Ark. Nuff said.

    “CDO (Chief of Defender Operations)” – Ask the Chief (google it!)

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    Considering the guild is not just STOR How do you plan on incorporating the other games? I know wildstar is pretty much out of the question. We still have some ESO. I don’t know how many right now. And we have Star Citizen Starting to gain momentum. I would like to get with you on working this into the website (along with other things).

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      Well seeing as I am not the guild leader in other games this is referenced to SWTOR. Is there a guild called “The Defender Program” in all the games you are referencing? And I guess I placed this in the wrong section it will be deleted so I don’t confuse other Guildies in other games.

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      Since I do not have the permissions to delete my post can you as admin remove it?

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    Just a follow up to the original post,
    Great work Mike and makes requirements and expectations clear.
    Its important to again touch on the guild as a whole, we wear the tag with pride its been through a lot and stuck around to tell the tale long after self proclaimed great guilds have crumbled to the dust. Wear the tag with pride, honour the time, effort and people who have gone before you and help mould the Defenders to who we are today, so we can pass on the legacy for those who wear it tomorrow

    Currently our active game is SWTOR. TESO, and WS and pretty much non existent and i do not see it changing, it was something more of a “break from SWTOR’ situation for many, and with every new MMO coming along its only natural for peoples interest to be peaked by other games and want to check them out.
    Each game presents a different opportunity to approach the ranking system, as what works best for one game and group may not work best for another. We have always steered clear of over ranking and making pointless titles just for the sake of it. An officer in one may not always mean an officer in another and we ask people to respect that.
    Uniformity of ranks will try and be achieved, but no promises will be made.

    On the horizon we have many interested in Star Citizen, and will likely officially support that. We do encourage people to play together in other games, as we believe that what makes us who we are is the people we play with more so then the games we play.
    A Star Citizen branch discussion can be found in the Star Citizen sub form.

    We have a Steam group that is open to join, and operates as a public group to help Defenders keep in contact in other games. Any issues contact myself on steam ( Darkatron9k) or go to The Steam Room in the General Games section of the forum.

    Going forward I do hope this is clear and open as possible for all to see. That we people know where they stand. Ranks are designed to inhibit our members but rather enhance our Community in SWTOR.

    The Imperial side will currently stay the same, and i will look at whats here and may tweak to reflect the Republic side of things. The Defender Directive is currently a house of alts more then a fully functioning mirror of the Republic side.
    Both branches saw a big clear out of inactive accounts, roughly around 160+ were purged, due to not being logged in for over 160+ days.
    Low level alts from active members who fell into this group were removed, but high or max level mains were left in place.

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