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    Update 3 (or “Guild Extravaganza!” as we call it) introduces lots of guild and player customization improvements, and it will be coming to the Public Test Server (PTS) soon. Few features are more important to ESO than guilds. They provide the easiest and most fun way to meet new people, chat with groups while you’re playing, and are almost always the first choice when putting together a dungeon or PvP group. As such, we’re devoting a large portion of Update 3 to making sure that guilds are easy to create, fun to join and manage, and provide players with a social group that helps them in their journey through Tamriel.

    It is also important to note that almost all of these guild enhancements came about as a result of your feedback. Please keep up the comments on the forums, on social media, and in places like reddit—we are reading and listening.

    Here’s a quick summary of Update 3’s guild enhancements:

    Management: guild leaders can create, delete, and promote guild ranks. Guilds can have up to ten ranks of membership, each of which can have its own icon.
    Bank: guild leaders can set permissions to allow members to withdraw gold from the guild bank based on their rank.
    Store updates: anyone in your alliance can browse your guild store in Cyrodiil if your guild owns a keep.
    Traders: The Gold Coast Trading Company will establish kiosks throughout the cities of Tamriel. The merchants running the kiosks can be hired by guilds on a weekly basis (via auction) to act as a portal to their guild’s store, which can be browsed by any player in the guild’s alliance. Auctions use a blind bidding process and are held once a week per merchant.
    Heraldry: guild leaders can design guild heraldry for their guilds if they have 10 or more members. Each guild member can purchase and wear a tabard emblazoned with the guild’s chosen colors and crest. There are 250 colors, 63 backgrounds, and 136 crests that can be mixed and matched to form guild heraldry.


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    Very neat, looking forward for tabards and other customization tools.

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    Must of missed that one Darka. I’ll post it in News

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