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    Hello All,

    My name is Brian, I live about an hour North of Chicago. I have been playing with this Guild since 2006 when it was Force Academy in SWG on Chilastra. My main character name back then was Donkor. SWG and SWTOR are the only MMO games I have ever played and plan on playing.I play mostly on the Republic side, I have 4 on the Imperial side, but I am just running them through their stories. Right now I am working on getting my current characters to level 55 and getting them in basic gear. I plan on having a dedicated Armstech and Amormech. I like PVE better than PVP so my characters are geared more for that. I am not a big fan of running lower level people through their class missions. I feel that between those and the FP’s is where you learn how to play your characters class. I do however try and play by the motto that was taught to me early on in SWG which was to “Pay it Forward”

    See you around the Galaxy,

    Kolzak (Brian)

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    Blackhawks… but welcome to the new site! Get back to running ops with us, eh?

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