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    We have been quietly working on a little project behind the scenes to honour those Defenders who are no longer with us.
    With the passing of Grax, the idea came as to how best pay tribute to those who are no longer with us.
    With the help of Dlek Krego, we were able to come up with a Force Ghost image of Grax and a representation of Rhuled as we were un able to find a SWG screen shot with him in it.

    With a short piece on both Rhuled and Grax and a small tribute to those players who were part of us, but unsure where they are currently.

    We will also be renaming the SWTOR Guild ship The Starweaver, and in Legends we will build a memorial when we place a city.
    The Imperial side guild ship will be named The Rhuled

    Follow the link below

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