• Charlie
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    Back from school, got a degree so I am now working for the time being. Just got bronze tier in season 8 ranked. If anybody is interested in PVP of any sort feel free to let me know. I would love to get more people involved with ranked PVP, especially within the guild.

    How is everybody doing?

    Thank you,

    Charlie (Obi-Charlie, Chunky-chuck)

  • Baron DeBelleme
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    Heya Obi, we are nowdays in the Discord chat system, channel called “Defender’s Lounge”. Looking forward to seeing more of old brothers and sisters holding the joystic for goodness. 🙂

  • Darka
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    How are you?
    Awesome to here that things are going well.
    We are on discord most days, hit me up on twitter @Darkatron or @DefenderProgram if you need the info!

    Much planned for summer?

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