• Que
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    It’s time to bring up this topic again. With ESO coming out with gild colors and SWTOR with dye packs (I’m not familiar with Wildstar) we should come up with a vote for our official colors. We should also decide if each of the guilds should have there own or have one for the entire membership. Personally I would vote for the later.

  • Tanthalas
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    Red and Black =P (what it looks good with everything)

  • Darka
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    I think a dark green and black would suit the Juganoth branch in ESO,
    Would be a little different too.
    The thing with guild colours is that each branch probably has a specific feel where certain colours wont suit, so having branch or game specific would be possibly better suited.

  • Baron DeBelleme
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    Somewhat bypassing the topic, would it be possible to have a different color Tabard in ESO by using the Defender guild. I don’t think it has a tabard yet.

    Something plain and classic, white background and black or red cross or something equally clear icon on the chest. I could play around with that a bit, even though Defender -guild is not that active as we concentrate on Jugganoth.

    Did I mention I like tabards? Yep I do.

  • Darka
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    Every guild can have a tabard, I dont see why it couldnt.

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